Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Billy Goat Gene

A challenge for anyone who fancies putting together a really complex venn diagram:

Make one of which elected ALP politicians have rooted which other ones. A very large sub-group would be those who have walked out on a spouse in favour of rooting a fellow elected ALP parliamentarian.

The urge to seemingly root anything that moves, without regard to any sense of propriety, seems to be limited to that one political party. (The sub-group of elected ALP parliamentarians who have been convicted of having sexual intercourse with children won't be the smallest group in the venn diagram project - just saying)

Wonder what causes it? And why no other party has the same scale of compulsion the ALP does?


Sackerson said...

Or are they just the worst at not being found out?

Steve at the Pub said...

Sackerson: That may well apply for the furtive stuff.
However in the very public field of "Ditching one's spouse in favour of shagging a fellow elected parliamentarian" or "Frantically shagging a series of (progressively better connected) spouses or boyfriend/girlfriends on the way to the top" the ALP have the genre all to themselves.

There has been nothing like this in the LNP, Greens, or others.

Though an honourable mention must go to the "Better futures for Our Children" Party, for their elected parliamentarian actually stripping off & skinny dipping in the parliamentary swimming pool.

RebeccaH said...

Your ALP is apparently the Australian version of our American Democratic Party. Amazing, isn't it, how a certain philosophy of life attracts one to a certain brand of politics?