Saturday, November 10, 2012

You want me to serve THAT?

This happens from time to time, happened again today:
Fresh bar staff on the payroll.
Is either new to bar work, or new to the sharp end of the bar trade.
Induction goes well, lots of enthusiasm, doesn't have to be told anything twice, actually understands why we do some things (as opposed to doing it "because the boss says so")
Then when presented with a real live blue collar customer, in a public bar, she spins around and barks indignantly:
"You want me to serve that....?"

 Crikey we lose some promising staff that way.


RebeccaH said...

I don't understand. Was she objecting to the customer or the drink he asked for? In either case, that she was objecting marks her as unqualified for the job.

Steve at the Pub said...

Hi Rebecca,

The objection is to being expected to (ugh) deal with an "uncool older guy".

This crops up now & then. Even those who seem most intelligent & well adjusted have in their number some who recoil at going anywhere near to ill-groomed, low-brow, sexually unattractive, middle-aged, crass, uncouth, thinks-he-is-funny type.

She (they) have an airy concept that they'll be working in a "hip & cool" nightclub type setting, and will be choosing from among a wide selection of urbane young hunks.

The reality of most people who drink alcohol is somewhat less appealing than their imagination has led them to believe.

mojo said...

Bars are generally full of drunks, kid. Get used to it.