Tuesday, October 15, 2013

There are actually Three different forces you know

The seemingly complete and total cluelessness of journalists about military matters ("army stuff") is one of the sadder aspects of the output of the modern university journalism courses.
Anyone who is aware there is an Army, a Navy, and an Air Force is ahead of many journalists.
Examples abound of instances where journalists can't tell a machine-gun from a mortar, a Sergeant from an Admiral, or a submarine from an aircraft carrier.  (If you think I'm joking, you need to pay more attention to newspapers/TV)
But they can still tell the Army from the Navy, can't they?   Who knows, but try this one:
Favourite part of the recent International Fleet Review?

For Mine Host this was in the ABC TV coverage, which at one point ran a short magazine style story on "Women in the Navy", consisting entirely of footage showing ladies dressed in the uniform of the Royal Australian Air Force.
Screenshot taken by Mine Host, during ABC-TV "Women in the Navy" clip.


Michael Baker said...

Irony is dead mate.

kae said...

Ah, they're all interchangeable. It's all military stuff.