Friday, October 25, 2013

You'll Never Please 'em all.

A newly checked-in guest presents at the restaurant for dinner.

From Singapore, with limited English, he is a specialist tradesman, here to perform one task for his company.

Dismissively sneering at the menu he instead demands to eat some obscure dish from his homeland.

It is the Head Chef's first night, and a particularly busy one too.

Cooking an off-menu dish is quite an undertaking.  It upsets the rhythm of the kitchen, as nothing is prepared, laid out, defrosted, etc.

However, the Head Chef, a Chinese, says he can do it.

As the guest strolls back through the reception area, Mine Host, puffed up with pride at the ability of the staff to meet seemingly all demands, enquires of the gentleman how was his dinner?

The reply was most abrupt:
"Too slow, in Singapore that usually served in two minutes."
The guest then stumps off unhappily to his room.

So Mine Host adds Forty Dollars to the guest's dinner bill.

Thus continues life behind the bar...


missred said...

A bit abrupt and you were quite right in adding to his dinner bill. Call it the abruptness tax.

Anonymous said...

Very curious. What was the dish?

I bet if I wander down to one of the nearby hawker centres and ask for some aussie tucker they will just laugh and say "cannot!".

RebeccaH said...

Some people are content to go through life bitching at everything. I say bravo to the extra forty dollars.

bruce said...

Serenade him with some of these as he leaves: