Thursday, August 13, 2015

Password Protected

The careful observer will have noticed this blog has not been updated for a few months.

Was this due to the blog host being indisposed?  Or suffering from writer's block?  Or just plain lost interest?

None of the above!

Mine Host's computer had one of those Windows auto updates, which caused the "remembered" passwords to no longer be remembered by the system.

... the blog was locked....

For reasons too numerous to go into here, password recovery was not an easy option.  Instead every day or two yet another password and user name would be tried.

Cracked it just now!

Normal posting to resume forthwith!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. You've been missed.


Steve at the Pub said...

Thanks Sandi, nice of you.
Feels good to be back. I'm surprised I've been allowed back, considering the names I called Google/BlogSpot/Yahoo/whatever other websites they own & are trying to merge the usernames in & wrecking password procedures in the process.

Skeeter said...

This is good news.
For quite a while I've been thinking you may have followed the dear old Bunyip.

mojo said...

Unknown said...

Steve, welcome back and my advice to you is get a Mac at the earliest opportunity. Things like that only happen on Windows computers.

RebeccaH said...

Mine Host, your posts have been a window into Australian culture for this Yank (and being a white Southern American, I deplore that label) for a long time. Would love to see more, because they illustrate what is distinctly Australian and what is similar to our own culture. Plus, I love the subtle humor. Or humour.

Steve at the Pub said...

Gee, nice of you folks to say this stuff.
I thought after my extended blog holiday I'd have been deleted as a "dead link".

davis,br said...

Hahaha. I laugh only in sympathy btw, this being one of my two fav' blogs. I long, long ago started recording uname/passwords/urls/security-q&a's/email-addies down in a little black book (that I keep locked in the safe) for just this reason. (When you have a couple of hundred plus accounts to keep track of, you learn to disregard IT security nincompoops dire warnings to not write pw's down ...full disclosure, I'm an IT nincompoop).
With age comes a distrust of memory acuity and accuracy (I'm being kind to myself).