Sunday, September 06, 2015

Photographic Discrimination

Due to the Wayside Tavern being in an extremely remote location, Mine Host requests all job applicants include in their application a photograph of their "hospitality face".
In evidence that a goodly portion of the population is incredibly stupid, this request is more often than not assumed to mean that Mine Host is hiring based upon looks, rather than upon merit.
A near daily event is a snarky no-correspondence-will-be-entered-in-to email from yet another job site, closing Mine Host's job ad.
These your-advertisement-is-deleted emails all say the same thing:
"Your advertisement breached our guidelines for posting ads,"
"Your ad asked job seekers for a photograph, this is illegal/inappropriate/whatever."
No it isn't.  There is no law preventing an employer asking for a photograph through a job ad.  (A couple of the stupider Human Rights Commissions in some states publish "guidelines" saying that employers "should not" ask for a photograph)
However, there is no law against it.
Nor is asking for a photograph prohibited by the terms and conditions of most job websites. (Mine Host has become adept at reading those "terms & conditions")
This does not prevent moronic 22-year old web administrators with no-life-experience from closing down Mine Host's advertisements, regardless of how carefully worded the request is.
Words have meanings.  The phrase "hospitality face" means just that.  It is not another way of saying "only beautiful people need apply"
An extremely handsome or attractive person may have the most inhospitable of faces.
Some examples below of people who could be considered attractive, but whose resume, on the basis of their sour look, would be binned by Mine Host:

 Below this are some photos of people who may not be considered the most attractive, but who all are showing a fantastic "hospitality face"



Anyone notice the difference?
If you do, you're ahead of most people Mine Host speaks with.  The concept seems to be too difficult for some to grasp.

So continues life as a misunderstood employer in a land full of dimwits who, incredibly, are allowed to vote.


Paddles said...

It is also not illegal to take a photograph of a complete stranger in a public place; which is why The Richmond Game exists, for example.

RebeccaH said...

Tells: smiles, relaxed body posture, and/or mature experience, as evidenced not only by the character lines in the faces, but the backgrounds.

I quite understand, Mine Host.

Anonymous said...

Which one in the picture is you, mine host?

mojo said...

"...if you are capable of smiling without breaking your face, please be so good as to do so in the photo."

RebeccaH said...

In the US, this practice would absolutely be condemned as racist (you know, looking for the minority/fat/ugly candidate you can dismiss out of hand). I consider it a smart thing to do, because you CAN tell a lot from a photograph, and if you are wrong about your initial assessment, the subsequent interview will confirm your initial impression. Trust your instincts.

RebeccaH said...

I see I've commented here before. It's your fault. You should be posting more often.

kae said...

Correct, RebeccaH.

And Mr Publican, where's me steak?

Did I see you've found yourself a companion and so are otherwise occupied?