Sunday, December 04, 2011

You Shouldn'ta Joined if you can't take a Joke!

The current law firm has engaged in a spot of exuberant billing.

Attached to every invoice, and a part of the costs agreement, is literature informing the client on the procedures of disputing a solicitor's bill.

First heading on the list: "Talk to your Lawyer".
[ to your lawyer about the bill. Once your lawyer understands why you are concerned, they will explain the costs and may agree to review the bill...]

The bill is Five times the estimate given in the costs agreement.

So Mine Host talks to the lawyer. Here is the amount of understanding & explanation he got:

"If you didn't want us to do this to you, you shouldn't have signed our costs agreement!"

Hmmm, seems like I'll be brushing up on my procedures for: "When bill disputes turn acrimonious."

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