Friday, March 16, 2012

Buyer's Remorse?

You know that part of a wedding ceremony where the bridal party signs the register?

Important tip: If you are a soloist playing the wedding music, it is this section of the ceremony that will bring you unstuck:

For if you have only a tune or two of the sort of soft trilling music to play during the register signing, & are (like me) wondering how you'll cut it short without sounding you just stopped in mid-note, worry not. No matter how many tunes you have ready, you'll play them all and be halfway through them all again before the register is signed.

No matter how many times it has been rehearsed & planned etc etc et-blanking-cetera, on the big day an incredible amount of fussing around will occur at this point in the ceremony, and quite an amount of time will be used up (sort of like a teenage girl in the shower) for what should be a half dozen or so quick and much rehearsed signatures.

Paint dries more swiftly.

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Unknown said...

Especially if your family friend, the wedding celebrant, spells your surname incorrectly on the marriage certificate!