Friday, March 02, 2012


Anyone who has followed, even peripherally, the policital dogfights of our cousins in the USA will have noticed that the practice of aborting unborn humans is a hot issue there.

A quick straw poll of Australians, conducted just now by Mine Host, has revealed that 99% of Australians have never given abortion a thought, have no idea what (or even if) the laws on it are. Those who had given thought to abortion fell into one of two schools of thought:

  • Those who say it occurs when your cows eat the wrong type of grass, or something and,

  • Those who say it occurs when your ewes eat the wrong type of grass, or something.
However, in contrast to his tuned-out (& un-american) fellow countrymen, Mine Host has strong opinions on the subject!

Mine Host's view on abortion has been formed in the crucible of experience.

It should:

  • Be legal at any time from birth through to 24 years of age.

  • Be decided by a spontaneous but unanimous vote of 4 sober adults who have no criminal convictions.

  • Be be carried out on the spot, within 30 seconds of the vote.
Under Mine Host's rules most "abortions" will be carried out near to a pub, shortly after closing time.

Anyone who has been present - and in a state of sobriety - when a nightclub closes, will understand & be an enthusiastic supporter of the above "abortion law".


Anonymous said...



Thanks for the laugh!

But, you should change "from birth" to "from conception"

Otherwise you are not talking about abortion, you are talking about murder.

If you kill someone after they are born, then it's murder.

Anonymous said...

But I get the joke, and it is funny!

Good sense of humor, you.

RebeccaH said...

Having raised two children to adulthood (especially in the teenage years), I can somewhat sympathize with your position. But then, following that logic, I would have been robbed of the sweet revenge of watching them raise their own children.

(Actually, I keed. My kids turned out great, and so have their kids. So far).

davis,br said...

Okay, I laughed to tears on this one from this American's pov, this was probably one of the better and more logical arguments I've read on the subject.

...and granting that there's a new debate raging in the country since a couple of members of the professoriate recently published a paper arguing that post-birth babies should be able to be "aborted" since they have no "moral standing", the "murder" argument of commenter 1 may not be so obvious as any right-thinking member of the human race would think it to be. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Post-Birth Abortion!

You, my friend, have just coined a phrase that is just priceless!

This shit gets funnier every time I read it.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately you have not read Professor Peter Singer who argued that the right to life existed more in an adult dog than a newborn infant on the basis of (IIRC) more 'life experience. I read philosophy in the late 70's so this is not new.

Although he's more idiotic now.

And yes, I laughed too, after wondering where you would find four sober adults within spitting distance of a pub after closing time.

Steve at the Pub said...

No sober adults within spitting distance of a pub at closing time?

Er.... Unknown... I draw your attention to a demographic known as: The staff, the security guards, police, etc.

Collectively there are more than twenty of us here at every closing time.