Sunday, March 25, 2012

Skitch 'im Bluey!

Bar Manager is out of hospital. He's shaken, but back at work.

He was beaten, and also kicked several times in the head.
In addition they sooled a dog onto him.
The man has dog bite marks in several places.

It transpires that he was accompanied by one of the chefs, who is sporting even better dog bite wounds, now turned septic.

The chef's dominant memory is of one of the attackers continually commanding the dog to attack.

Turns out they extracted themselves from the attack & made it inside the house. The attackers then set to work to break into the house, stopping only when a nearby resident recognised them and spoke to them by name. So the door is only half kicked in.

The police were phoned, and before agreeing to attend, gave one of the better quotes you'd hear: "We won't come if there are any more than two. How many of them are there? Only two of 'em eh? That's alright then, we'll send someone, but there had better not be any more than two of 'em when we get there!"


JeffS said...

Must be too much paperwork with more than 2 crooks to apprehend.

RebeccaH said...

Re: my earlier comments about Bar Manager arming himself, an armed society is a polite society (at least in the Anglospheric parts of the world).