Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sick Leave

Young fellow who works in the Wayside Tavern's driveway would like to have Wednesday off work.

Not on your nelly! There will be trucks to unload & several pallets to unpack, and he's told that he'd better be there!

He says that he'd really like it off, as he's having "a procedure" the evening before, and won't be feeling all that well on Wednesday.

Can't he have the procedure another day? When work won't be affected? (Wednesday is always a day of much activity in the driveway.) He'll think about that, but is excited about the "procedure" and can't wait for it.

Come Wednesday he doesn't front for work.

Thursday he turns up, & we discover the exact nature of the "procedure" he underwent.

He'd had a fully-coloured-in tattoo inked onto his entire back. His back from kidneys to shoulders was a scabbed mess. Now we know what ailed him so.

This is not reasonable grounds for leaving his workmates to carry the load for him on a busy day.

He was lucky his boss didn't clout him! (That still may happen, the driveway boss is a big man, & very intolerant of indolent youth)

He actually expected sympathy, or something.


JeffS said...

Self-inflicted wounds are not a sign of high intelligence.

RebeccaH said...

His boss should take a page out of the 18th century British Navy's book and coat his tender back in salt (flogging optional, since he already did that to himself).