Saturday, February 25, 2012

Too Much Information.......!!

Position Vacant:

  1. Chef

  2. Duties: All aspects of kitchen operations.

  3. Reporting to: Head Chef

  4. Salary $65,000 p.a.

  5. Location: Outer Barcoo (where churches are few..etc.)

  6. Staff Accommodation & meals available.

  7. Majority of roster will be nights

  8. Roster will be 2/7 weekend work.

The above is not a real job ad, it is an example of a job advertisment.

Anyone who is able to read this advertisment & process all Eight bullet points will be ahead of most, if not all, of the applicants.

Most job applicants are able to process only Two, perhaps Three of the above points. Or less if the advertisment is laid out as a paragraph instead of simple bullet points.

Inability to absorb at least Five of the Eight simple points is bad enough.

The really good bit:

Most applicants will absorb the 2 or 3 points they like, & fill in the rest of the "blanks" themself.


The above will attract applicants who may well have copied & pasted the ad into their job application, and then during their Third or Fourth interview (by phone or skype) will lose their temper (yep, rudely blow their stack) upon discovering that the job is located on the "Outer Barcoo".

"I only want jobs in Brisbane, I wouldn'ta applied if I knew it was in woop-woop, you've wasted my time!)

Or: "I wasn't looking for a job that included weekend work (chef job?), You shoulda told me this, You have wasted my time!"

Or: "I was looking for at least $100,000 per year, if I knew you were offering less I wouldn'ta applied, you've wasted my time!"

Happens every single time, EVERY single job ad I run gets otherwise qualified or suitably experienced applicants, who clearly do not read the job ad, and then conduct themselves in a most rude manner.

Surprisingly the incidence is greater among ethnics, Australians of NESB, & international applicants.

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JeffS said...

TMI for some (most?) applicants, huh? That does not speak well of them. And deservedly so.