Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dead Manager Walking

At a time when Mine Host is away on an extended business trip, the manager of the Diver's Arms has taken several liberties.

1) They have put one of their children on the payroll. As a full time permenant employee.
2) This new employee is getting lots of hours, all of it "soft" hours. That is, manning the reception desk. (i.e. sitting on their backside in shaded air conditioning, lifting nothing heavier than a telephone receiver).
3) This new employee has been housed not in the staff quarters, but in the Premier Suite (3 rooms, fully self-contained, private landscaped garden, secluded private location)

As guest accommodation the Premier Suite attracts a tariff of $280 per night. Multiplied this is $102,200 per year, or @ 63% occupancy (an industry benchmark) is $64,386 per year.

When utilised as staff accommodation the Premier suite attracts a tariff of $0 (zero) per night, which when multiplied is $Zero dollars per year.

Mine Host's views on this matter are quite easy to predict.

He uses an invention known as "the telephone" to contact the manager & firmly but ever-so-civilly suggests that the manager move their offspring to one of the many vacant rooms in the staff quarters.

The conversation ends with the manager promising to "do what they can".

Following Day: The manager telephones Mine Host to announce that the child "refuses to give up" the Premier Suite, thus there is "nothing that can be done" about the situation.....

..... thus putting the matter on course to the inevitable outcome.

The telephone is not the place for continuing this matter. Mine Host savours (without saying aloud) several variants of the phrase "Who is the General Manager of the property?"

When Mine Host returns, there will be a closed door meeting with the manager. The item on the agendum has just been decided for him.


kae said...


Looking for a new manager?

missred said...

realizing that the tales told here are not necessarily in the present, i will still state: I am looking for a job and am very reliable and accountable. ;)

kae said...

And missred would love, love, love to come to Australia....