Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hypocrites! (appendix)

Further to the preceding post on the .... er... flexible attitude of the (current) federal government to the somewhat flexible.... concept known as "presumption of innocence", paraphrased here is the closing paragraph of a post from October last year:

"In the glossary from the Fair Work Ombudsman, the employee is termed "the complainant" and the employer is termed "the wrongdoer".'


mojo, Unrepentant Yank said...

"The accursed has been advised of his lack of rights under the Secret Code of Military Toughness, and will conduct himself accordingly!"
-- Firesign Theatre
"Bacon Rind on the Whistle Front""

Anonymous said...

Looked all over the Fair Work Ombudsman's website for the glossary. The one that is accessible is an A-Z click on each one. It doesn't have a definition for 'employer", "employee" or even "worker". Rather odd when that's supposed to be what the whole thing is all about.

Can you post a copy of the glossary you are referring to?

Steve at the Pub said...


It was in an explanatory brochure in the same envelope as their first letter to me. I've not had a case lately, so don't know if they still actually print that definition.

I've no idea if it was on their website. Even if it was it may well be scrubbed by now.

They have some pretty dumb people there at the FWO. Some of their staff are proper sourpusses whose attitude to employers is straight out of 1917 Russia.

The office/dept tripled (or quadrupled) in size in only a few months last year. One of their more enthusiastic boss-hating staff may have mistaken their workplace culture for their actual public position and put that terminology onto official letterheads, only to have a cooler head later discover it & scrub it!