Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Just Where is he from...?.....!!!!!

Scene: Wayside Tavern Office
Time: Very late at night (11pm+)
Mine Host
2nd Chef (arrived 5 mins ago on the bus - first time he's been out of the big smoke in his life!)

Mine Host & newly arrived 2nd Chef are engaged in quiet small talk.
DJ appears at the doorway that leads to his office.

DJ: "I'm putting the kettle on, anybody want a cuppa?, I'm having coffee"
Mine Host: "Yair, I'll have a cuppa please."

(then comes the line that he will never live down, that has us still talking a year later, and gets a rollicking laugh from everybody we tell it to.):

2nd Chef: "I'll have a latte please...."

Hmmm.............. his horizons have certainly been very narrow!


Sackerson said...

Make mine a latte macchiato, skinny with wings, please.

Jeez, can you change the comment code tester thingy, never mind computer and robots, half the time I can't read the writing myself!

Steve at the Pub said...

Alas, that is something I don't see. From my experience of commenting at other blogs I can believe it has become quite difficult.

Likely there has been some rather intelligent spam bots developed.