Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I do my bit for the feds

Wow, the federal government is going to pop $830 into parents' bank account, for every school age child. (Likely this will happen a month or so before a federal election, or something)

This money is to be for *cough*cough* education expenses that the parents may incur.


Mine Host (& every other poker machine operator in the nation) is salivating at this news.

Merry Christmas! (to me!!!)

Will this money be blown on poker machines, grog, tattoos, new TV sets & the like?

You betcha it will!

And that is exactly what the federal government wants people to do with it.


Addison said...
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kc said...

You know, we got a couple of those rebate/refund/bribes during the last Administration. We bought sit-on-top kayaks with 'em!

See, there's not really much 'education' goes on in schools anymore...

JeffS said...

Yeah, the so-called "tax rebates". Meh!