Friday, July 27, 2012


In the USA on business, Mine Host is delighting in the constant reminders of the quaint cultural differences between his crass homeland and the delightfully charming United States of America.

Each day, and at almost every interaction with a local, one is thrilled at the delightful reminder of what a thoroughly polite person is the ordinary Joe or Josephine in the street.

Ozzis can be polite & charming, but there is a special something about the courteous manner of US citizens.


mojo, Unrepentant Yank said...

Never turn your backs on the natives, sir. They tend to be sneaky and violent.

Capt.Craig said...

I was born in and raised in Newfoundland before it was hijacked into Canada and can remember all the American servicemen who were here during and after the war. there were five, yes, five US bases here and I can tell you that the Yanks were a godsend even though they carted off over 20,000 of our women. You wouldn't believe how many came back here to live. The American legion in Stephenville is the largest outside the US.
I have visited every state in the US except for Hawaii and lived in Montana and Florida and as soon as my dear mother who is 94 dies I will be heading back to the US as fast as my little, no, big ass, can carry me. I have lived in eight provinces in Canada and lived in Germany and visited all the countries in western Europe and I can tell you I will end my days in the good ole US of A.