Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Girly Boys

The 2006 soccer world cup: Australia, not previously a noted soccer nation, made it through the group stage into the knockout rounds, rather an achievement.

When the Australian team was defeated in the first knockout round (which was only by the skin-of-their-teeth) they took it like men. The victors in that match, Italy, went on to win the contest.

Though they defeated the Australian team, the Italian team was unable to play better, winning only by resorting to crying like babies and pretending to be injured and sobbing in pain after clashing with Australian players.

In Mine Host's worldview, sport is underpinned by two basic tenets:
1/. Sportsmanship
2/. Courage

The Italian team has neither. This reveals an acute and chronic lack of masculinity in Italian culture.

Mine Host grew up knowing only two sports: Rodeo and Rugby League. These two sports are known for many things. However they are not known for producing crybabies.

Indisputably, Italy is made of softer stuff.

Result: Mine Host, & doubtless every other Australian with red blood in their veins, views the Italian soccer team with justifiable contempt.

Those with too much time on their hands the past couple of weeks will have noticed the occassional news item about the Italian soccer team. (Yawn)

Apparently there was some sort of soccer contest in Europe, or something. (Yawn)

Anyway, the news items were about how various suburbs & ethnic groups in our otherwise great nation, were supporting the Italian team.

It defies belief that any Australian would be seen dead supporting this bunch of effeminate, lacy panty wearing eunuchs.

If this once great nation has entire suburbs & ethnic groups who have no shame about being publicly seen supporting a disgraced team of pansies, then the multicultural experiment has gone way too far!

This nation was built by hand. One feels for the ghosts of the men who cut cane by hand along the Queensland coast, for they must be mortified to think that such effeminate conduct was done in the name of their "old country".

For those who live the easy 21st century life in the inner city suburbs of the big smoke, a lifestyle that owes its thanks to generations before them who toiled in the sun by hand: Showing support for the feminine cissies of the Italian soccer team clearly demonstrates you are not people worthy of inheriting the land that my ancestors built by hand.


Sackerson said...

Spoken like a Roman.

Don't worry, it's all play-acting.

Anonymous said...

Soccer - it's the sport for flaming homosexuals.

Played Union in the forward pack for many years. I don't even see soccer as a sport, just as a dating agency for shirtlifters....


mojo, Unrepentant Yank said...

Rodeo, huh? What, bull riding? Calf roping? Bucking broncos?