Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fight called off

Any boxing fan's heart would have been gladdened at the recent prospect of the great nation of South Korea engaging in a spot of whaling.

Besides the joy of seeing the usual suspects have conniptions at the idea, Mine Host was somewhat looking forward to the vicarious thrill of watching the Sea Shepherd organisation take on some South Korean fishermen.

It'd be a brief contest. The first good whack in the gizzard & Sea Shepherd runs crying to teacher.

Koreans, for those who've never familiarised themselves with the breed, are a very tough bunch. Sea Shepherd on the other hand are a pretty gutless collection of hippies & other dickheads, with serious form when it comes to running from a fight (a fight they started).

Alas it is not to be. The government of South Korea has announced they'll not be whaling after all.

Hah! Fooled all you worldwide people didn't they...!!

So we won't be treated to the sight of oxygen theives whining at the outcome of them sailing up to some Korean workingmen on the high seas, and trying to destroy these men's livelihood & property.



Sackerson said...

Sorry, can't agree with that one.

1. The prospect of a job doesn't trump every other consideration.

2. If the whole of Nature is to be reduced to Man and what he can eat, we'll all be the poorer.

3. It takes all sorts to make a world, and our modern industrial civilisation largely depends for its survival on nerdy types that sports jocks despise.

4. Some of your other posts on the Japanese show that there's a limit to how much one can admire force and domination.

kae said...

Lost your sense of humour, Sackerson?

Sackerson said...

On this one, yes. It's not up to Mine Host's usual standard of thinking. Being able to punch someone out doesn't make you superior, or your view right.

JeffS said...

Actually, Mine Host is spot on when it comes to the South Koreans.

Not to mention, your counterpoints above are either red herrings, display a lack of understanding of South Koreans, or are not relevant to Mine Host's original coment. Or combination of all three.

And 'tis a pity -- watching those Sea Shepard idiots getting whacked on the head would be pure gold.

RebeccaH said...

Ah, the Japanese. Doing jobs South Koreans won't do.

mojo said...

I've met cats and dogs that were smarter than those Sea Shepard goofs...

Capt.Craig said...

Mine Host is quite correct. I'd blow the scum out of the water in a new York minute.

Steve at the Pub said...

Rebecca H: Touche!

Steve at the Pub said...

Gosh! I'm not trying to start a fight!

Perhaps I wasn't clear enough.

South Korea (was) planning to fish for whales. Okay. (No digression into alleged whale shortages or bland chewiness of whale meat).

This fishing would be done by Korean working stiffs, who'd go about their business in a workmanlike manner.

These fellers are unlikely to share the world view of middle class western uni students (& perpetual undergraduates) such as; how many whales are in the ocean, or how bland & chewy whale meat is etc etc.

They'd understand just how difficult, dangerous & hard work really is, & appreciate being paid. South Korea doesn't have a lot of pleasant options for blue collar workingmen.

They'd value their job, as "icky" as it may seem to sanctimonious pontificators located in the inner suburbs of cities in western liberal democracies.

So: Going about their job, the fishermen are ambushed by a bunch of pirates, who try to sabotage both the work, & the ships of the fishermen.

This sabotage is done with little concern for the life, property or livelihood of the fishermen.

Regardless of one's position (with the workingmen, or if with the bullies) one could reasonably expect a robust response to committing sabotage on the high seas.

The world has been of late rather spoiled by the discipline of the Japanese in these circumstances.

There is a reason the Sea Shepherd sooks are trying it on with the Japanese, instead of sabotaging the boats of Vikings, Gulf of St. Lawrence Frenchmen et al.

.... They believe the Japanese won't fight back.

Sea Shepherd are cowards.

They are bullies, who every time someone hits back, prove to be cowards.

They deserve to be sunk, to the last boat, complete with every last cowardly bully & criminal aboard those boats.

JeffS said...

They deserve to be sunk, to the last boat, complete with every last cowardly bully & criminal aboard those boats.


Sackerson said...

That was a fast transition from assault & affray to piracy and mass murder!

Steve at the Pub said...

I'll challenge that, Sea Shepherd, though they may dream of it, haven't yet proved to be mass murderers.

If they don't want to be sunk by people who are merely defending themselves, they all they have to do is stick to sailing up & down the ocean peacefully, as the rest of us do.