Thursday, July 05, 2012

Salvo for the Salvos

For those who really did have too much time on their hands recently, there was a brief bit in the news about some pop star braying on...

... about how people intending to donate money to them, should first consider the attitude of the Salvation Army toward homosexuals.

Fair enough. One would presume that this is already considered by those whose sympathies lean heavily toward homosexuality.

Mine Host is not keen to give to the Salvation Army, for similar reasons.

Specifically their attitude toward those who are not Christians. At one stage in a previous life of Mine Host, the Salvation Army called for an army of volunteers to assist with good works in a time of crisis....

.....the local community arrived by the horde. The Salvos refused them. Not for their ethicity, but because they were of a non-theistic religion. The packaging of relief parcels, & other desperately needed good works, remained forever incomplete.

Mine Host has never given to the Salvation Army since.

Grudgingly Mine Host allows them to shake the tin once a week in his bars (the only persons allowed to do so), but doesn't put money in himself.

On occasion, Mine Host has offered to evict and never readmit the Salvation Army, when some of their younger members have gone too far in badgering patrons for money.

While the angry & outraged pop star may bang on loudly about the attitude of the Salvation Army toward homosexuals (they aren't impressed by them & prefer to not have them as members) one can only imagine the spluttering incandesence this pop star must have toward Islam.

A religion in whose name homosexuals are strangled by hoisting them with a crane.

A google search for this pop star's proportionate condemnation of Islam brings up ... .... ... nothing.

.... If you're in down & out in Brisbane (& presumably other cities) the Salvos are often the only people who will give you a feed, and they'll always do it.....
....If you're on the front line defending this country, the nearest civilians will be the Salvos, right up there close, providing cups of hot tea, & a friendly non-military word for a digger, and they've always been there..


Oigal said...

Hi Steve,

Long time no chat...

Personally I always find someting to give to the Salvos for just the reasons you state. For many years service in the ADF, the ONLY person you saw anywhere near the sharp end was the "Sally Man"

In fact, more than once we crested a hill expecting trouble and there was the "Sally Man" sitting on his beat up rover. Of course, not sure if that says more about us or the Sally Man

Anonymous said...

I never go past a Salvo without kicking in some dosh.


Because my grand-dad was a WWI digger. Because every single time they came out of the line they'd troop past some Godforsaken spot in the fourth line trenches (well within German arty range) and there'd be the Sallies, with hot tea and something involving fresh bread or cake - and bandages (they always ran an aid station too).

Because more than once they reached the Sally 'comfort station'and they had been stonked, and as soon as they cleared their own dead and sent their own wounded back, they were back to aiding the troops.

I am not a Sally at all - but by crikey I respect them. And my family owes them.


RebeccaH said...

I've always given to the Salvation Army, even though I don't share their brand of Christianity. When the sh## hits the fan, they're always there (much like the Mennonites, who also don't care for homosexuality), and they don't ask who does what when they're giving out help. Anyway, real Christians may condemn homosexuality, but they do not condemn homosexuals. That's the difference.

As for the younger, more zealous ones, a few judicious words would probably sort them out.