Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beware! Thieves are Everywhere!

Big excitement! In broad daylight a car has been stolen from right in front of the Wayside Tavern!

Mid-afternoon and two middle aged tradesmen lurch out of the Wayside Tavern. They've had a very good day, only to discover their work truck is not where they parked it!

Brows furrowing they look up & down the street, it isn't parked anywhere in sight.

Broad framed brothers, still in their work clothes, they become most frantic. It is not just a matter of having to walk home, all their tools, ladders, etc are in their work truck.

They phone the police to report the theft. Two constables attend and take details from the now irate brothers.

This is serious business. The two constables make enquiries. The truck is located in the carpark of a pub at the other end of town.

In search of whoever drove it there, police descend upon this other pub!

Plenty of excitement & plenty of gawkers, for this is the most exciting thing to happen in weeks.

It turns out half the people in this other pub saw who drove the truck there & parked it. It was two middle aged brothers in tradesmen's clobber.

It transpired that the two brothers had begun their drinking that morning in the Wayside Tavern, parking out the front. On a whim they'd driven up to the other pub for lunch, later walking the couple of miles back to the Wayside Tavern to continue their session.

They'd completely forgotten their excursion, & flatly refused to believe what they were told. They hotly demanded the police "do something". Their attitude was most vengeful.

The police went away & left 'em to it.

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