Monday, July 25, 2011

Unsafe Procedure

The Manager revealed to Mine Host that there was a problem with the safe door, consequently he was unable to get at his operating float & takings.

The "problem" with the safe door was that it was locked.

And nobody knew how to open it.

It had been locked several days previously, by accident, & now it "wouldn't open".

Mine Host didn't insult the manager's (now somewhat tarnished) intelligence by asking "does anybody else there know the combination?" (this is one of those things that separates great men from journeyman bosses, something Mine Host learned by observation in his early jobs)

It was then revealed that the manager had contacted his predecessor to enquire about the combination.

Mine Host didn't even bother to ask how the predecessor responded. This is where Mine Host went as close to losing his cool (with staff) as he has for many a year. The predecessor is persona non grata with Mine Host, and the manager was asked the reasonable & pertinent question: "When would it have occured to you that I may know something about the gear in my own pub?"

Mine Host then, without realising it, went & used hisself some cuss-words. This may have given the manager the impression that contacting the predecessor had been a bad career move.

Lasting impression: What is the point of a safe if you are only going to push the door closed, but not lock it?

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