Monday, July 11, 2011

What about the Rest of Us?

Today, in the wake of an overnight assault upon a police officer, the Qld Police Union is stridently demanding mandatory custodial sentences for those convicted of assault upon a police officer.

Fair enough.

The Police Union president says the high number of assaults against police are because of "drugs, alcohol & weak laws".

Fair enough. Weak laws would be the principal reason, daylight second.
Though to this list Mine Host would add: Complete lack of respect for authority.

What about the rest of us? Why not mandatory custodial sentences for all those convicted of assault upon someone who is doing a job of work?

Some hideous assaults have at times been carried out against staff of the Wayside Tavern. To the eternal shame of (Qld Police Union) president Ian Leavers' outfit, not all of these assaults have been that thoroughly investigated.

Often little to no interest is shown by police in assaults upon people who though performing a paid job of work, are not police officers.

For last night one of the staff at the Wayside Tavern was assaulted in the course of their duties. Watch with interest to see if Mr. Leavers' members are as diligent in prosecuting this assault.

My bet: The police will have to be pushed every step of the way, otherwise there simply won't be a prosecution.


scotty dog said...

Ian Levers seems like a very negative person. I very much dislike his public musings. More power to the plod, less freedom for the people.

The only time the whinger's crease above the bridge of his nose disappeared was when he was at Damian Leeding's funeral.

Wonder how long it'll be before he's ranting about burqua lifting laws and such.

paul walter said...

Yes, I agree.
The law applies to all people, not just a specific group nominated by the rest.
It's like footy umpiring, it has to be consistent or the whole spectacle collapses, as to credibility.
And being belted by someone when you're minding your own business is not the best way to spend a Saturday night, the laws are there for a reason.