Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cover Charge

Scene: Streetfront of the Wayside Tavern
Time: 10.30pm
Kamate (square jawed, barrel chested crowd controller)
Mr. Annoying Lout (member of public well known to Wayside Tavern staff)

Action: Kamate stands stalwart by the front door, with folded arms.
Mine Host is loitering off to one side, but is not part of the action.

Mr. Annoying Lout approaches the front door (and Kamate) with false bravado.

Mr. Lout, who is persona non grata at the Wayside Tavern, reaches into his pocket and offers Kamate cash to admit him.
"Will y'let me in for twenty bucks mate?"

Kamate (a man of few words) accepts the proffered $20 note, swiftly trousering it.
Mr. Lout struts through the door & into the foyer. He has gone two paces when the large hand of Kamate grabs him by the collar & reefs him backwards out through the front door.

"You said you'd let me in for $20!" Mr. Lout bleats indignantly.
"But I didn't say I wouldn't toss you straight out again" glares Kamate, leaving the $20 firmly in his pocket.

Kamate resumes standing firmly by the door, with arms folded.
Mr. Annoying Lout slinks away into the night.

There is no cover charge to enter the Wayside Tavern.

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kae said...

There's a lot to be admired in the doorman's style.