Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Breathing Trouble inflicted

Mine Host has lately been seething aplenty at the narrow-mindedness and obtuse stupidity of his urban TV-watching comrades from the deep south.

These are the people whose uninformed & ill-considered outcry (over cruelty they saw on their TV screen) led to the federal government mindlessly killing a productive industry. The northern cattle industry.

An industry Mine Host once worked in.

There is one universal sin in that industry. Commission of which will bring all walks of life together against you, and will have you ostracised, cast out, shunned, etc.

Cruelty to an animal.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

So picture this:

One of the men was sitting, pulling the wings off a fly. The boss, a big gruff and rough type, saw this and was troubled by the needless cruelty.

The boss roughly issued an order to the man:
"You kill that fly right now!"

The man laughed & released the fly.

The boss broke the man's nose.


Anonymous said...

Fair enough too

Mick from Melbourne

RebeccaH said...

The "deep south" has a different connotation to your American readers.

As does the coal industry.

Steve at the Pub said...

Coal has a different meaning in the USA? *stunned*

Mick: Oh yeah, there was about 10 blokes in the stock camp, plus assorted stock inspectors, vets, pilots & others.

There wasn't a man there who didn't agree with the boss.

....Mind you, being present & witnessing the meaty *thwack* & electricity in the air when a man's nose is deliberately broken, in broad daylight ... well... it's a rather confronting experience!