Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reference Check

Mine Host's preferred industry association has a partnership with a recruiting company.

This firm phones one day to conduct a reference check on a former employee, as they have a client with a position vacant that matches this former employee's qualifications & experience.

Mine Host gives very accurate answers to the questions he is asked. This is not well received, as the answers are rather negative. (The former employee left under the... ah... most questionable of circumstances)

Mine Host emphatically does not recommend the employee, and states that under no circumstances whatsoever would he re-hire the employee.

The recruiter stops there... pauses..... then says:

"This isn't a very good reference, I'm going to have to keep calling more people on the list until I finally get a positive reference, as we have to place this person in that job!"

Mine Host makes a note to never use that firm to fill any vacancies. Ever.


JeffS said...

They either work on a commission basis, or the recruiting company is comprised entirely of lefties.

mojo said...

Welcome to "equality of outcome".

RebeccaH said...

At least you're rid of that employee, and you haven't stained your reputation with a good reference. Sounds like that particular agency won't be in business long.

Steve at the Pub said...

It was an executive level appointment too....

silverwolf1954 said...

If you are still looking I would like to submit a resume to you for a back office worker.