Friday, April 06, 2012

Simple Directive

In the office with the Manager, for a stern interview, Mine Host starts the conversation in as offhand a manner as he can.

There is only one point of discussion, the major item. The matter of the manager's daughter being shacked up in the presidential suite with a boyfriend, both of them eating their heads off at Mine Host's expense. None of it paid for.

The subject is not addressed head on, for Mine Host is crafty.

Mine Host has noted that one other staff member is permanently housed in guest accommodation, as are other staff temporarily, from time to time.

Mine Host issues a directive that "All guest rooms are to be made available for the use of paying guests. It matters not if a guest does not check into that room and the room lies vacant for a whole year. The purpose of guest accommodation is to house paying guests, and that is the business we are in."

Rather than carry out this directive, the manager chose to summarily resign their position.

This was somewhat unexpected.

Mine Host stated that if this was the manager's considered position, then all he could do was give the manager as long a notice period as they wished.

The manager announced that they would work out one month's notice.

Stand by for the next, and most unusual, development.......


Mick from Melbourne said...

Is hospitality industry experience necessary?

I've got over 15 years of team leadership & management experience in the IT industry and find myself "between contracts", as they say.

Worth sending my resume?

JeffS said...

Hmmmmmm. There's more than meets the eye here.

mojo said...

So is he gonna boot the newlyweds?

Steve at the Pub said...

Mick, I can sink a tube with you next time I'm in Melbourne, & explain all the reasons why you'd be a bloody fool to dive into the pub trade!

silverwolf1954 said...

Boo-geed my local, rural NSW, poker machine club at their invitation.

Done admin work for pubs.

I think it is an unreal life to the rest of society.