Saturday, April 28, 2012

With friends like these...........

One of the benefits of the introduction of television service to the outer reaches of the nation is the televising of the Anzac Day march.  The televised march has usually been from the southern city of Brisbane, but with the introduction of multiple TV channels, we can now watch excerpts of the marches held in other (deeper in the south) cities.

Favourite part of the televised ANZAC day march?

The Military Police (or Provost Marshal's Corps, or whatever their real name may be) were preceded by a banner that accross the bottom had a slogan that read something like:

"Always with the troops, Always supporting the troops"

Leaves me speechless.

Mine Host's recommendation:  The returned servicemen former M.P.s meet after the march at a pub where no other returned servicemen are drinking at.

Being as none of the marching former M.P. Anzacs looked as robust as they used to be, and they no longer have the wrath of hell backing them up.

Memories are long, and the support the provos provided to the troops will be well remembered by those on the receiving end of that (*cough*) "support".

(Footnote:  The changes to blogspot?  They really suck!  -  After over 7 years of using the same format, I was quite happy with it, and am finding the new format heavy going.  Posting isn't as easy anymore, perhaps I'll change to another site, I'm not sure I'm prepared to go to the extra work that blogger is now putting me to).  I run close to half a dozen blogs, & they've all become hard work.

Does anyone have any recommendations/comparisons?


KurtP said...

I'm on FireFox 11.(something) and the post box looks a little different, but works like the old one...just not 'new-and-improved'.

PISSED @theferalirishman is having problems with his scheduled postings- some work and some don't.

Kev said...

Look at Wordpress. I've been with them for years and it works well.
They have a multiple site program as well.

Steve at the Pub said...

Thanks fellers. I'll certainly investigate Wordpress very closely.

The new blogspot settings, at the blogmaster's dashboard, make it VERY difficult to operate the blog.