Saturday, April 07, 2012

Rafferty's Rules

As will be known by every employer who has sponsored migrant workers, the dept of immigration is very arbitrary in the approvals process.

The people of Australia quite likely have a (reasonable) belief that there are a clear set of immigration rules and standards, which each and every employer sponsored migrant has to adhere to.

Ha ha haha hahaa...........

There is not. Each application is handled by a case officer.

There are rules, yes, but it is up to the case officer to interpret them how they wish.

Mine Host has often had the experience of having three concurrent migration applications lodged, each handled by a different case officer, and having to meet three entirely different sets of standards. Each of the three applications will require entirely different paperwork, with almost no documents in common.

Believe it or not, the case officers pretty much make it up as they go along.

They will change the rules as the application progresses. Arbitrarily.

Or they will not. It is all up to the case officer handling the application.

If the public knew how capriciously administered the immigration process was, they'd be marching on parliament house, armed with flaming torches and accompanied by baying hounds!

The way the immigration dept handles the various employer sponsored immigration programmes is a joke. Heaven knows where the blame lies, ministerial incompetence, or perhaps disinterested leadership.

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