Sunday, December 09, 2012

Do I look like a walking calculator?

One of the drinks in the bar at the Wayside Tavern is priced at $10 (Ten Dollars).

On a quiet afternoon, one of the regulars is in a school of four, and orders 4 (four) of this drink.

When the barmaid serves up the 4 (four) drinks [@$10 each] the customer asks what the total price will be.

The barmaid smiles sweetly and announces that she'll just have to "...go back to the cash register and check".

.... Back at the cash register she reads the total, looks up and cheerfully announces that "Four of those will $40".

So continues life behind the bar!


JeffS said...

That's the end results of modern education.

Michael Baker said...

I'm assuming you hired her for her looks, rather than her mathematical aptitude?

kae said...

When I was 30 I did a bit of bar work as work experience (for a change from office work). I was pretty good at making change (a schooner was $1.25, mixers were, I think, 70 cents for the nip and 40 for the post mix - but I'm not sure it was a looooong time ago).
I thought I'd have trouble with change, but it was easy.
One bloke insisted he'd given me a 20, but I'd only given him change of a $10. I'd finished the transaction and shut the till. I knew it was a tenner, it was blue. I asked him to wait, called the supervisor who explained to him that he'd shut the till and see if it was $10 over.
While the supervisor did this the bloke disappeared....
I didn't mind this stint, but black and tans were a challenge.

Steve at the Pub said...

Kae: That is so common now that most places have procedures to deal with it. There are whole chapters in financial control books about how to get around the scam of "... but I gave you a twenty..." It'd happen several times a day at my place. Unless it was a particularly rough & hard one, it isn't even something that anyone'd mention at the end of their shift.

Michael Baker: See JeffS for the problem, he's put his finger right on it!