Friday, December 07, 2012

No Lifting....!

The Occupational Health and Safety officer mentioned in the previous post was a tad over-zealous when he mandated "4 points of contact" for anyone climbing a stair/ladder, but once he'd made the blunder he wasn't going to back off from it.

His aim was to make it impossible for anything to be carried up the ladder.

In his excitement at being able to make life hard for a business, he failed to notice his directive was actually impossible.

The purpose of the Wayside Tavern's ladder access to the loft was to carry stuff up, or to carry stuff down.

Combine this with the fact that the carrying/storage was for commercial purposes and he couldn't resist issuing a directive that would prevent use of the loft.....

.... For despite the his job title his main interest is not to improve safety, but to hamstring businesses.

Being too lazy/incompetent to write such a manual himself, he issued a directive that the Wayside Tavern was to write a procedure manual for climbing a ladder.

You couldn't make it up!

To Premier Campbell Newman:  Keep-on-firing-them!


TimT said...

How to climb a ladder. A 1 point manual:

1) Climb ladder.

Struth, things have got tough in the Quinceland bureaucracy, SATP, when the 'elf and safety inspectors struggle with the concept of climbing ladders themselves and insist on manuals for climbing ladders. My commiserations.

Steve at the Pub said...

We are being buried by this sort of mindless byoo-rock-rassy.

Most of the health & safety inspectors, fire inspectors (et al) have never done these things themself in real life.

E.g. I've never had a fire inspection by a fireman who has fought a fire. It is always by a "qualified fire inspector" who has a degree in "fire inspection", & thus knows more about these things than the ordinary stiffs down at the fire station.