Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas (to all our valued clients!)

On the phone Friday afternoon, for a spot of last minute off-the-cuff legal advice before the world shuts down for the next two weeks, the lawyer wishes Mine Host a "Merry Christmas" before engaging in a brief 45 seconds or so of chitter-chatter about what our respective Christmas plans are.

Thus the phone call extends into an extra 6-minute chargeable block.  This really puts to the test Mine Host's seasonal "goodwill to all mankind" resolve.

Call rate is charged at $48 per 6-minute block.


kae said...

Can you deduct it from the bill?

Skeeter said...

Scene, a country town pub. My dad having an after-work beer. The solicitor he had hired to help get a few quid back from a debtor comes in beside dad at the bar. Dad says, "Fred, so-and-so has paid up so you can quit hounding him. Thanks for your help."
Final item on the bill that arrived next day:
Attending to Mr Skeeter's instructions on completion of these services......say, £31.10.00

mojo said...

I doubt that "informing client of vacation plans" counts as a billable item.

Boy on a bike said...

Chef problems solved?

Steve at the Pub said...

That story is close to 10 years out of date. The press in Australia ain't all that quick off the mark. Fools. Sri Lankans make up a good percentage of hotel staff in this country, especially in 5-star.

Sri Lankans have been the backbone of my operation for years, and just-about-every-other-hotel-in-the-nation.

Am in Melbourne right (how this Brokeback Mountain of a place EVER became part of Australia is beyond comprehension) but even here, the core of the staff in just about every hotel, are Sri Lankans.

I'm in Melbourne to hire even more Sri Lankans.

If I'm not here, I'm in Sri Lanka, where there are plenty of Sri Lankans to be found!

Steve at the Pub said...

Okay, I've popped out & found a paper copy of the Australian.

Now that I've read the story, I see & raise my above comment.

Those fellers are on 119 visas. The dickheads at the Australian can't even get that right.

I'm sure in one of blog posts I list all the visa sub-classes I've got staff on.

Found it! I stand by every word of this post.

Every word is true, still. Today I interviewed & offered a position to someone who will pay $14,000 or more to their agent, just for getting them a job with me.

Steve at the Pub said...

Hehe, Skeeter, you've heard the joke about the doctor & the solicitor at a party, when a fellow party goer asks the doctor about a medical problem, & later the solicitor tells the doc how to stop that sort of thing happening in social situations.....

kae said...

You've been spammed, SatP! ^