Thursday, December 20, 2012

Twit Twitters a Tweet

Copied below is a brief twitter exchange from earlier this week.  It is between two well known people and has attracted a minor amount of attention from the news media.

One quick read of it and the phrase "we've a couple of anti-gun crazies here" leaps into the head.
Several people have taken umbrage at Mine Host's assessment.  Some of them quite a deal of umbrage.
This has been somewhat puzzling.

Clearly both of these pundus are in the anti-firearm camp. But that is a side issue.
I've made inane banter with all who've brought it to my attention, believing they can see what I see.  However many remain cold, or even somewhat cross.  Perhaps some people are far more laymen when it comes to firearms that you'd imagine.

A thought popped into the head just now;
Am I the only one who can see the glaring error in the tweet?   (It is glaring to me).


Sackerson said...

I thought MT was taking the mick out of RM.

Anonymous said...

1) The killer at the school in Connecticut didn't use an automatic weapon.
2) Access to automatic weapons is already highly restricted in the US

JeffS said...

What Anon said. This is a common mistake in all the rhetoric over the Connecticut shooting.

Or, in many cases, a deliberate error, to scare people with the thought of scary guns.

Not to mention (although not your point, I'm sure), at least one talking head (Bill O'Reilly) is spouting this same nonsense.

kae said...

Machine guns are already banned.

Anonymous said...

Democrats won the election hence fox news and republicians dont hold majority

JeffS said...

Fox News is a commercial network, Anon, not an elective body. And the Republicans do hold a majority, in the House.