Friday, January 17, 2014

You've got to be Kidding?

Workcover, Queensland's compulsory worker's compensation scheme, has demanded of Mine Host some information.

Mine Host's accountant has confirmed that under the prevailing legislation Workcover is entitled to demand certain information, and Mine Host is required to pony up this information, under threat of legal penalty.

The (bizarre) demand?

That Mine Host justify the annual total cost of shipping in liquor to the pub.

I'm not making this up.

The freight bill must be justified to Workcover.

This is out of the blue, not in connection to any claim, ongoing case, or anything.


Anonymous said...

Easy. Answer the question precisely, exactly and with zero information content.

'justify/explain the amount you spend each year on inward freighting of liquor.'

Justification: The amount charged by the carrier is paid as a cost of operating the business.

Explanation: The carrier charges a rate set by the market for his services.

The question is exactly and entirely answered, yet has absolutely zero information content.

Obviously, the question asked was more complex, so break it up and answer each part individually, and without info content.

You can keep this up for ages, and it drives them nuts.

Mk50 of Brisbane

Steve at the Pub said...

Mk50: That is exactly how I answered the question. Besides how else could it be answered?

Actually the question wasn't complex. For your reading pleasure I copy it in full below:

"Dear Steve,

With regard to the Workcover premium review for Wayside Tavern Pty Ltd;

Having reviewed your Profit & Loss accounts I have some queries on particular payments made for the following:

Freight and Cartage $X.xx
Repairs & Maintenance$X.xx
Legal Fees $X.xx

Please give me a call on 1234 5678 when you are available to discuss the above.

Kind Regards,
Gretchen von Klout, Workcover Compliance Officer."