Wednesday, August 03, 2011

End of an Era

When reaching for the comb this morning, it was not there.
Neither was it anywhere else. A search of the room revealed nothing.
The room is at the Hilton in Brisbane.
The comb is a cheap coloured plastic men's hair comb.
A detailed search revealed nothing.
A thorough ransacking of the room & luggage revealed nothing.
It was there yesterday morning, on the vanity unit.
Today it is gone.

My mother bought it for me when I was a nipper.
It is the only comb I have ever owned.

I have used that comb on my hair every day for 34 years.


Sackerson said...

I know the feeling, I've still got the scissors and nail file I bought 40 years ago. Time and money are completely different values.

You're lucky to still need a comb.

Mine Host said...

Thanks Sackerson.
The comb had been with me everywhere, in stock camps, to every job I've had, to school, all around the south pacific, all over the world, etc etc.
I thought it would last forever.
Ah well. A day or so of reproach, for letting it be where chambermaids could scoop it up with the towels (or something)

Kay said...

Oh no.... I'm so sorry! I can imagine the chagrin. I've got a pair of tweezers from my grandmother that I won't let anyone else use.... well... except for my daughter.