Friday, August 19, 2011

Just Like a Rubber Ball

A fellow is exhibiting aggression. Part of the lingering crowd on the street after the Wayside Tavern has closed.

There were 500 people in the bar at closing time, and half an hour later there are still quite a few lingering on the street outside.
Most of them are engaged in the usual activities, hugging, talking, vomiting, etc.

But this fellow is determined, as some are prone, to belt someone up.
He speaks quite aggressively to several people in turn, then lines up & takes a swing at a nearby chap.

The punch is quite a good attempt, not one you'd like to stop.
The intended target bobs & weaves such that the blow misses, then gives one back.

The return fire was quite a good punch.

The aggressive fellow went down. Just like a tree chopped off at the base.
He went down quite hard, as when he hit the bitumen he bounced.

You could see daylight under him, he'd have risen six inches or so before falling again & laying there.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.


bruce said...

Jack Thompson fancied himself as a publican, or wanted to set his son up as one. So he ventured into the dangerous waters of the Katoomba hospitality industry where many have come to grief. Millions down the drain later (more in renovations) he pulled the plug. Locals appear to have been the beneficiaries, thanks Jack!

Thought this night amuse you, Steve.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for about 5 years now and never realized how big your place was. It's funny, as I get older the places I like to drink in get smaller and quieter. There's no way I'd probably ever go into an establishment holding 500 people again. That, to me, is a young man's (and woman's) game. Did that when I was in my 20's, ain't doing that in my 50's.

My current favorite place is a little neighborhood tavern with a maximum allowed capacity of 64. And the last time they had anything close to 64 people in there was probably VJ day.

Mine Host said...

Hehe, thanks for that Bruce. Cute story.

Repeated many times the past year or so, & will be over the next year or so.

About 4-6 years ago no end of "C" grade pubs were purchased by laymen, at amazingly low yields, sometimes less than bank interest.

A lot of these were in the Sydney region.

Mine Host said...

Anon: Thanks for reading. Didn't know I had such a longstanding readership!

It is not like me to put surplus information in a story. The number of people in pub is irrelevevant. The story would be the same had there been only two in the pub.

I must have half written one story, then edited or completed it as another yarn altogether.

Most of my stuff is written well in advance, & edited for clarity & brevity over the ensuing few weeks.

Mine Host said...

Anon: I've found the story that the 500 people in the bar applies to, it is scheduled to pop up later this week.

Still don't know how I managed to leave that part in this story, when clearly it is irrelevant.