Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Romeo Alpha Papa Echo

Guards have intervened to halt a suspected rape. (see previous post)

This is serious stuff, thus the police are telephoned. The call is diverted to a regional city "Yes sir, not much we can do, there is only one car 'on' in your town, & they are dealing with no end of skirmishes elsewhere"

The police officer hasn't absorbed what was reported to her. I try again. It seems to not soak in. I speak carefully & clearly into the telephone:

"Romeo Alpha Papa Echo, I say again, Romeo Alpha Papa Echo, in progress, Wayside Tavern."

Half an hour later the police car arrives.

Meantime guards have secured the male alleged perpetrator, assisted him to dress, & accompanied him to the hotel office.

For half an hour an obviously distressed young man sits in the office gossiping, smoking furiously, gulping down tea. The reason why he is there is not discussed.

Then police arrive & take him away.

The female victim has by this time got dressed. She arrives at the hotel office, to discover that her 'friend' has been taken to the police station.

She is in an advanced state of intoxication. She is adamant that she has not been raped. She sits in the hotel office, gossiping, smoking furiously, gulping down tea. The reason why she is there is all she can talk about.

She cannot imagine why the police have arrested her boyfriend. However, arrest is a serious thing, & not so easily undone.

Rape is serious, the detectives were woken. One arrives at the Wayside Tavern. He has spoken to the male prisoner, & wishes to interview the female alleged victim.

Upon seeing the alleged victim, the detective arches his eyebrows at Mine Host. Clearly the woman is much too intoxicated to interview.

However, pragmatism reigns supreme. It is a busy Saturday night. If the police can release the prisoner, they can get back out on patrol.

The woman is taken accross to the police station, where she makes a statement. (The state she was in she'd have done well to be able to sign her name.)

As a result of that statement her 'friend' is tossed out of the police station. The matter is ended. The two police on roster get straight back out on patrol.

Every law has a time when it must be ignored.

Tonight that was: "Police must not take formal statements from persons who are incoherent."
And for those who are observant, we also ignored: "Thou shalt not smoke inside a pub".

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