Friday, September 02, 2011


Update: No, the Carbon Commissioner has not given me the grandaddy of all fines for overgassing the beer. (Think again, funny person who emailed that)

Update 2: No, I'm not being shut down for encouraging hate speech after someone was overheard mumbling "Gillard's gotta go!" into their beer. (Gillard is the name of the [current] Prime Minister)

Update 3: On a serious note, it has nothing to do with any government agency. In fact both state & federal Labor Party politicians have been of invaluable help.

If one is to be bankrupted, it is always imagined there will be a tangible reason, & a person to blame.

E.g. You have made a rash decision, & can blame only yourself. Or you have a low down mongrel for a bank manager, & thus have someone you can seethe over & plan to shoot or something.

Either way, you could expect to have lots of warning, i.e. to be trading poorly for a while beforehand, or be having difficulties meeting bank committments etc.

It never entered my head that it could pop out of nowhere, that you could be trading profitably, looking to expand, everything going fine. Then *pop* along comes an event that you never imagined would happen to anybody. There is no person to blame, no rash decision been made.

The spectre of bankruptcy is looming, I won't be sleeping much for many days.

Anyone who can guess what it is that has caused such trouble will be allowed to pretend that they have open slather in my wine cellar (no actual access allowed, as by then the bank will likely possess it.)

Remember, there is no person responsible, and it could happen to anybody who has their business tied up in a tangible compact asset (like a pub).
It is not even an event (like a natural disaster, or closure of a nearby military base full of customers) & realisation of it crept up in only a few short days beforehand.

When I finally tell you all (coz nobody will guess it) you'll never imagine it could have happened the way it did.


KurtP said...

It's got to have something to do with the .GOV- right?

Stifling new regs on something that avalanched on you.

Anonymous said...

Tax!! Two or three years tax in one go. Probably an audit from the ATO. Henry2

Dave from Tacoma said...

You are losing some license that made it possible to make a go of it. With your establishment there are probably at least a half-dozen to a dozen different licenes you have to get and keep. Lose just one and you have to shut down.

Skeeter said...

After 4 years of battling with council and paying $300k of borrowed money to comply with development approval conditions, you have finally completed DA condition works.
VCAT has just declared that rising sea levels will inundate your pub and you can no longer continue with the approved extensions to the pub. The works loan was secured on your freehold property, which VCAT has rendered worthless.
Bankruptcy is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

To hell with the reason, you poor sod.

It's a horrible thing to have happen and even worse if out of the blue. Just try and keep as even a keel as you can. Get a mate (a GOOD mate) to keep an eye on you. You don't want to let depression sneak up on you. And it can.

All the best.

(AKA MarkL of Canberra)

Sackerson said...

Crossing my fingers for you, hope there's some way to beat this.

Not to do with retrospective pay raises / pension contributions for staff, then?

RebeccaH said...

Noooo! I only just found your blog, and fantasized that someday I would visit Australia and make your Wayside Tavern a stop on my trip!

This is not fair.

Boy on a bike said...

A rare and endangered parakeet, which is not native to your area, has hitched a ride in a hippy campervan and set up shop in your front bar. The Dept of the Environment has declared your pub a world heritage site, and it is now off limits to humans without a permit (with no compensation of course).

kae said...

Worker's comp for someone who wasn't injured at work/wasn't injured?

That sucks big time.

I hope that you can see the end of it and it's not too expensive... is there any way out without loss?

Good luck!

Mine Host said...

Hehe, BOAB made me laugh the hardest.
Skeeter scores high points.

But nobody is near it yet.
There is no government department or agency involved whatsover.
There is no one person who is the target (not even anybody to shoot afterward).

It is not a matter of running out of money. I am (touch wood) trading very well.

Boy on a bike said...

On a serious note - gambling? A few mates have been hit for six when someone close to them dipped into the till and blew it on the pokies.

Anonymous said...

After meeting the legendary black guy with a 12" schlong, Bob Brown lost his freckular virginity on your pub's front porch in 1955. Under Gillard's new 'Greenie Pillowbiter Dreaming' legislation, your pub has been declared a the first World Homotage site?