Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Dead email

The business email has stopped working.

It transpires the email address has been closed.

"It was closed sir, because you requested it be closed."

The email address has irretrievably gone into "quarantine" & will be not be available for Seven years.

Not happy with this, I demand the reinstatement of the email address.

"Sir, all calls to this centre are recorded for coaching & training purposes, your call to request the closing of that email address will have been recorded, if you escalate a complaint that recording will be produced."

I escalate a complaint. No recording is ever produced. (Gee, wonder why not?)

I quite naturally want the scalp of the clerk who killed my email address. However Bigpond (the ISP) are rude & defensive.

Next stop for me: The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.
The TIO requests me to first try to sort it out with the person about whom I am complaining.

Hmmm.... (After that)......

The TIO says that since I cannot sort it out with Bigpond, then there is nothing that can be done.

(Why do we bother to fund a Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman?)

You couldn't make it up!


kae said...

I've had a lot more success in my two dealings involving the TIO.

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What you get when you send flying foxes to the antarctic.

RebeccaH said...

I'm a subtle conspiracy oriented individual (I say "subtle", because I don't believe JFK was murdered by a Mafia/Communist cabal, the moon landing happened in Arizona, or 9/11 was engineered by Jews/G.W. Bush).

I do, however, believe in the malevolence of individual people with an agenda, and I wonder if your recent troubles aren't the machinations of somebody who doesn't like you. Are there unscrupulous competitors in your vicinity? Is there some amoral scammer who's visited your establishment with an eye toward monetary award? Is your lawyer (delectable as you appear to regard her --- and apologies if I've hit a particular nerve, but I'm female so I don't really care) trustworthy?

I say all this without one credible scrap of actual information from you, so you're free to tell me to fuck off. But please understand, I'm just suggesting scenarios that might spark a question in your own mind.

Also, keep in mind that Mr. H thinks I'm totally paranoid. (Usually in connection with his golf trips).

Mine Host said...

Kae: They were no help whatsoever. Just took my complaint, a few weeks later got in touch to advise that I try to resolve the matter.
When I couldn't (gee, what a surprise) they shrugged their shoulders & said there is nothing they can do.

I just assumed, from that outcome, that the TIO is toothless & a waste of money.

Mine Host said...

Rebecca: No spate of recent troubles. Events in one post could be 10 years separated in time from the adjacent post. And separated by thousands of miles.
Everything I write is true, & just about all of it happened to me at work in a pub.

Mine Host said...

Rebecca: Nonononoooo, nobody is going to be told to F-off. This is the internet, we are all friends here.