Friday, September 09, 2011

She Didn't Get the Job

And it wasn't because of the carefully prepared stationery.
Nor that she overlooked her current phone no.


kae said...

Aw, c'mon, Steve... tell us why.

Is she always wearing beer-goggles?


WV: formses
Oh, did she need to complete an application form?

Boy on a bike said...

Why not? Best job application I've seen in a long time. Short and to the point. And no noticeable spelling errors.

Did she deck you?

Mine Host said...

Hehe, BOAB, pretty good isn't it? I've seen some pretty stupid things on job applications, but that one is among the all time top ten.
It was about a week before I stopped laughing.

Kae: Please tell me you don't really need to be told why I didn't put her on?

kae said...

She stole the stationery from you?

WV: surve
I know I'll get one for this question.

JeffS said...

Heh! She'd probably get a job at the Federal agency I work for. Especially if she's attractive, and sent it to a certain senior (male) executive.