Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Best Mushroom Recipe Ever!

Motivation: Charming reader Ellie the Kitchen Wench has posted a link to a recipe for mushroom appetisers.

Action: Wayside Tavern chefs received snap instructsions & have just cooked Three different mushroom appetiser recipes.

Purpose: To compare the Three recipes for taste & presentation.

Result: The Mushroom, Tofu & Chicken Dumplings are exquisite!

Pretenders: Walnut & Mushroom Pesto tart, and Herb stuffed Mushroom.

History: The Wayside Tavern is no stranger to herb stuffed mushrooms, for years we've been making them for functions. These are nice. The tart is also very very good, not something we've made much of in the past, but we'll consider it again.

Winner: The Mushroom Tofu & Chicken Dumplings are first class! The staff & passing guests have all (with one or two exceptions, who will be dealt with later) voted it winner!
1st Mushroom Tofu & Chicken Dumplings
2nd Daylight
3rd Herb stuffed mushroom
4th mushroom & walnut pesto tart

Instructions for Readers: (this means you) These three recipes are in contest run by the mushroom growers assn. Go right now to the contest website and vote for the Chicken, Mushroom & Tofu Dumplings.


Ellie @ Kitchen Wench said...

Mine Host, thank you so much for the lovely post! I'm glad that your staff and wandering guests enjoyed the dumplings, and have faith that you will deal with the curs who said otherwise ;-)

Mushroom Enthusiast said...

What a great review of the mushroom appetisers. As an unashamed Ellie fan one can only sit back, chuckle a little (Ok - maybe a lot) and agree with your comments.

Brian said...

I'm torn being an Australian living in Canada who is not fond of US.
But I carried out your commanded, even though i like the look of the brusheta.

Mine Host said...

Good work people. We raise Miss Ellie's score a few percent.

Deservedly so.

Brian, I didn't even notice the contest seems to be along lines of Nationality. We just cooked the three recipies to discover which was best!

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