Monday, September 05, 2011

the Head Start Protocol

A girl is bleeding all over the place.

Busted nose & lips.

The woman who did the damage to her face is now threatening to grind a broken beer glass into that same face.

It is after midnight. Several hundred are in the bar.

Guards restrain the assailant before the glassing can occur. The injured girl wishes to press charges.

The police are telephoned and advised of the incident.

"Mate, there's only two of us working tonight, can you ask the offender her name? We can't handle something like that, just toss her out onto the street & we'll get around to her sometime in the next few days. Don't let her back in tonight!"

(How much head start do the cops want to give 'em?)

So guards evict the assailant. The victim goes to hospital.

I am just waiting to unload onto the first: journalist, police officer, liquor licencing inspector, or politician who suggests the reason our youth are bashing each other senseless is that I have been "Failing to practise Responsible Service of Alcohol."


kae said...

Did you watch the mail section of 60 Minutes last night?

The binge drinking these days was turned around to be the bartender's responsibility, not to serve alcohol to someone who is drunk.

Do they realise that most of these binge drinkers get drunk before they go to the bar/pub whatever?

And if you do have a problem with a drunk, especially one who has already assaulted a patron, and you call the police there is a reasonable expectation that someone with more authority than the lowly barmaid/man can take care of the problem. I can imagine how difficult it is to eject someone who is drunk and you won't serve any more.

Dave from Tacoma said...

Mine Host,

Compare and contrast.

Last Saturday night at my local tavern, whacked-out crazy homeless guy walking back and forth in front of the place ranting and raving to the voices in his head. A call to the police NON-emergency phone number. An officer shows up 12 minutes later. On a Saturday night at 10:30 pm, no less. Officer talks to the man for about two minutes then leaves, crazy guy starts walking down the steet, never seen again.

Don't know why the crazy guy picked our tavern to rant in front of, don't know what the officer said to him, but hey, everyone in the tavern sure thought the outcome was fine.

(And no, this was not some wealthy suburb where the police have nothing better to do than harass skateboarders. I live in a tough town that has more than its share of crime. We do, however, have a police department that is well-known for going "hands-on" in a quick minute.)

Mine Host said...

Kae, I don't watch TV. But what you mention has been the bane of my industry for the past 15 years or so.

Dave, your police must know some magic words. Here they stick their chin almost on the officer's epaulettes & give them all the abuse they can spit out.
I don't know why the coppers put up with it.