Saturday, September 10, 2011

But soap sales wouldn't have declined.

Skepticlawyer, longstanding occassional commenter on this site, one of Mine Host's engaging reads, and noted for her propensity to make blog posts that are 2,000 words long, has posted on manners & broaches upon gentlemen courteously taking "no" for an answer.
The ensuing comments thread mentions an apparently well know case where a lady, one with seemingly no class whatsoever, dates a man & afterward treats him very badly.

I've had the experience of bumping into a few women who turned out to be classless and nowhere near as intelligent as you'd first think. Though they'd see themselves as the opposite, by dint of nothing more than dwelling in inner suburbs, & having been tertiary educated.
Narrow minded & bigoted (they'd see themselves as the opposite) I've had them just plain stop talking to me, for what would be the oddest reasons.

Here's one I lost about 3 seconds of sleep over:

(a) I'm only guessing, but I never heard from this one again after I opined that a "stop the war" rally in Sydney (in 2003 or thereabouts) was a golden opportunity that had been missed: A couple of well sited Vickers guns, several minutes of enfilade firing, and you'd have raised Australia's average IQ. Without having lost one useful citizen.

The rally in question was the one where NSW Premier Bob Carr (an opponent of the war) was attacked by an "anti-war" crowd. My observation had focused subtly upon that point.

I wasn't being contrarian, merely making conversation with one who represented herself as broadminded & able in a highbrow manner to "discuss & dissect" a wide range of current affairs topics. (Yeah, I saw then just how much detached discussion she was capable of.)

She wasn't even polite enough to say goodbye. Actually she didn't say anything, it was only the passage of time that clued me in that she'd cut me dead.

She was a film editor or something like that. Lived in the inner city Sydney suburb of Glebe, or Ultimo.


kae said...

I find that funny.
Although these days with the paranoia around the blogs you must be careful to make any comment like that because too many fools think you seriously contemplate shooting people.

JeffS said...

I'm sure that Our Host invoked the imagery of sustained fire from Vickers because it's a well known one....and quite frightening. But difficult to obtain. Operating Vickers are a trifle hard to come by these days. Not to mention the expense of obtaining reliable ammunition, or the logistics of hauling and setting up one of those beasts.

So his imagery expresses his sentiment without actually being threatening.

Save for overly sensitive and classless fools, of course.

TW: inged. Yep, Our Host winged the silly creature!

Mine Host said...

Good points, though I mostly say "Vickers Gun" because it rolls off the tongue so easily. It's actually a phrase I picked up as a boy, listening to the grown-ups talking. When I was a lad, most adults had used one. Some of them for real.

However, The finer points of difference in various firearms would have escaped her Jeff. So unfamiliar was she with guns that she'd probably had the same reaction had I said "water pistol"

JeffS said...

Heh! "Vickers Gun" does sound good, doesn't?

And, yeah, I keep on forgetting, not everyone watches old movies and on line videos of weapon demonstrations.

TW: ellogic. Yeah, AI, el (leftie) logic isn't logical at all.