Friday, September 16, 2011

You Need More Security

Update: I've actually posted on this subject before. I think the wording of the earlier post was better.

If police are called to a pub, you can almost guarantee that they will make two statements:

"This joint needs more security", and
"You need to close right now".

If some lunatic government ever gives police the power to order a licenced premises closed, then quick as a flash we'll be back to 6pm closing (on a de facto basis)

"Pubs just fill people up with grog, and then when someone's wallet is empty, or the pub can't handle the drunk, they throw them out onto the street & make it a police problem".

I've heard this clueless statement not just from constables, but from officers who have enough experience to know better: Sergeants, and even Station Commanders.

This from people who seemingly are unable to observe & understand the pub trade, yet claim to be trained observers, and affect an ability to solve crime.

The pub trade hasn't have worked that way during the lifetime of most currently serving police, yet the belief is widespread. Actually it never did work that way, as back in the old days, the police made it clear that pubs were on their own if there was any trouble.

If only we could vote for our police.


Dave from Tacoma said...

Mine Host,

You've never said exactly what kind of police force is in your town. Is it a local police force working just for your town? Is it a branch of a lager force, say a state police force?

Further, who hires and fires your local police chief? (The mayor, or the city council, or county council, or no one because they are part of some huge police force.) Do you have a local police chief, or just a local commander assigned to a larger force?

kae said...

Each state has their own police. We don't have police like the US. (It is county, state and federal, in the US I think.)
Just state police and there are Federal Police who are active in federal matters and on crown property (I think that's how they work). AFP is the Australian Federal Police.
Link to AFP:
Link to QPS (Queensland Police Service*)

*You know, I think I preferred it when it was a Police Force.

RebeccaH said...

Very interesting. Here in the US, it's city, county, state, and federal, btw. Even my little village has its own small police force, and the police chief is appointed by the mayor and the village council, who are elected. So if the police mess up, the shite rolls up, which works well enough to keep them in line. County sheriffs are elected, deputies are hired.

Big cities with big city political machines are another matter.

JeffS said...

Here in the US, it's city, county, state, and federal, btw.

And tribal police. And airport police. And military police. And And [insert jurisdiction here] police, ad nauseum.

And we've yet to enter into the realm of meter maids and game wardens.