Thursday, September 08, 2011

Free? Still too Expensive!

A special order was received!

Pleased with service from the butcher shop, to show their appreciation a customer wished to send them a carton of beer.

We accepted payment over the phone & delivered to the butcher shop the requested beer (the most popular brand, in bottles, full strength alcohol, "heavies").

Unsmilingly they silently accepted the box of beer.

Later that afternoon we took angry telephone call from the butcher shop, in which they denigrated the brand of beer they had been supplied with, and demanded we replace it with something suitable.

In the name of good customer relations we agreed to swap the beer for another of their preference.

They sneered as they plonked their free carton on our counter & with a curled top lip accepted the replacement box, sourly vocalising their displeasure at the way we had treated them. (Never at any stage did they say "thank you".)

They never bothered to enquire which of their customers had shouted them a carton of beer.

Their response to being given free beer was to bitch about how it hadn't been given to them in an appropriate manner, and how it had ruined their day.

The attitude exhibited above is more common than you'd first think.


Dave from Tacoma said...

There's an old American saying:

They'd bitch if they were hung with a new rope.

Anonymous said...


If you know who the customer was, it's fine.

Go back, collect the beer, tell them to f*ck off as the saddest pack of arseholes who ever drew breath.

Don't go back - no beer for YOU!

Call the customer and tell them the truth. They rejected the gift.


kae said...

Keep the beer, return the money to the grateful customer stating that the slab was refused.

I'm with Mk50.

(G'day MkL.)

Mine Host said...

Dave's on the money.
This sort of attitude is all too common. At times I think it is more common than politeness/civility.