Wednesday, September 14, 2011

He wanted some exercise

After a ban of several months, a bloke was readmitted to the pub. He didn't play up that same night, and after a few weeks went by, we started to think he really had grown up.

On this particular evening inside the pub, he king hit a passing stranger, knocking him to the ground. Then exited the premises.

The victim now had a crushed eye socket, he'll require craniofacial surgery.

Ambulance & Police were called.

Two police officers turned up, stood on the footpath having an extended conversation with the attacker. Once inside, the police became nasty at me, as they do, about how the attacker might have gotten into a state where he'd do something like that.

Having had rather enough of clueless constables, I pointed out that the attacker was the fellow they'd spent so much time speaking to outside. Obviously he wasn't in such a state that they'd been able to detect anything amiss, them being trained observers & all.

They'd told him to go home, and so he had. (Walking in a straight line).

He'd only been in the pub an hour. He'd hit the victim because he "felt like hitting somebody".

A couple of weeks later the police went round to the attacker's house & arrested him for the assault.


Dave from Tacoma said...

I just don't understand how the cops in your town and the bar owners have such a bad relationship. Where I live, on a Friday or Saturday night, the cops are there in minutes and they are totally suppotive of the bartender that called for them.

That person you describe (the guy who threw a sunker punch), he'd be on his way to the county jail if that happened where I live. And he'd have two choices on how he went to county, easy or hard. And the cops where I live rather enjoy when some drunk asshole chooses "hard".

RebeccaH said...

A couple of decades or three back when we co-owned a bar, there was never any delay by the police when they were called. They didn't always arrest the belligerent drunk on the spot (unless he had assaulted someone or destroyed property), but they made it clear he wasn't welcome on the premises and the consequences would be dire if he ignored that warning.

But in those days, people didn't sue bar owners because their patrons couldn't handle their liquor. We live in an upside down world.