Monday, August 22, 2011

Pay Rise for Everybody!

A Meeting of all staff is called. A few things are discussed.

They are told that the law says henceforth I will pay an extra $40-$50 each week, for each of them. Oh boy oh boy, is this news welcome!

I then explain that the money will not be paid to them, but direct to the state government. I would rather pay it direct to them, as it is calculated according to how hard they work.

This is payroll tax.

By their reaction it is clear the staff would prefer to have the pay in their own bank account. They demand of me that the money be paid to them, as it is "theirs".

I don't disagree with them, but explain the law says I must pay it to the state government.

The receptionists exclaim that our State Member of Parliament is arriving later that afternoon, booked in for a five-day stay. (now just how about that for coincidental timing of the payroll tax announcement)

The meeting gets out of control. (hehe) They work out for themselves that it is this politician's government that has "taken" their pay rise.

Nothing like a representative of working people's party copping the full ire of the working people.
I got to watch five full days of it!

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