Saturday, August 06, 2011

NO Vacancy!

Mine Host, in the big smoke on as-yet-incomplete business, is staying at the Hilton for a few days (as one does) and decides to extend his stay by one night.

The reception desk shakes their head "Sorry sir, we are overbooked for tomorrow night, you will be unable to extend"

Several times during the evening & into the late night an approach is made to the reception desk, in the hope there has been a cancellation. Alas nothing changes.

In his room at 2am, packing (as one must when one is being booted out) and having just worked out, after several days, how to use the in-room internet, Mine Host logs in to the Hilton web-booking site. (The Hilton Brisbane sets quite an intelligence test for those intending to use the in-room internet, I've been caught by it before)

The Hilton website offers one a wide range of room choices. A booking is quickly made. An emailed confirmation of the booking arrives promptly. (The stay has just been extended, heh heh heh)

A visit to the reception desk (with emailed confirmation in breast pocket) brings an unchanged answer, "Overbooked tomorrow night sir, you will be unable to extend".

In the morning a rather terse conversation is had with the "guest services manager", as she takes some time to grasp the point. When she does grasp it, there is (through gritted teeth) a credible response: "Sorry about that sir, I'll be talking to the overnight team about this"

Another Hilton Brisbane snippet: They rarely restock the minibar during your stay. This saves money, but rather defeats the purpose of a minibar.

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