Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hot Trio

Phone call from an acquaintance who may or may not be a bookie.
The call is brief. Three races & three horses.

This information is written on an easel blackboard in the bar.
Two of the horses come in. Those who bet on all three tips clean up properly.

Several staff & customers are most distressed that they didn't know about the tips. "Mate, if you've ever got information like that, phone me at home, at any time!"

Nope. The tips are written up in the bar. You've gotta be in there to see them.

Nobody ever knew where I got the information from. (er... assuming hypothetically that I was receiving such information)

This may or may not have happened every week for a couple of years, ending only when the bookie passed on.

In all that time, either two or three of the three tips would win. Once, and once only, did only one of them win. (Assuming this story is real, that is).

The punters had a reverence for that small easel-mounted blackboard that had to be seen to be believed. (Assuming this story is true, that is).

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JeffS said...

That's a whole new way of having tipsy customers at a bar.