Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Police Fabricate a Law!

The next pub along is having a busy night, then all of a sudden they just up & close, pushing everybody out onto the street a couple of hours too early.

Wonder why?

It seems that a cop walking the beat ordered them to close, for no reason other than there are "too many" patrons inside for the number of security guards on duty.

This was a curiosity, now it's turned into the funniest thing I have seen in ages!

For I happen to know the Liquor Act. (Gee, wonder why?)
There is no requirement for any ratio of patrons to security guards.
In fact there not even a requirement to have any security guards.
Police do not have the power to arbitrarily order a pub to close.

The constable who ordered them to close is obviously completely clueless. (How dumb can you be, using powers you don't have?)

Then again, that publican, a greenhorn know-it-all, without the faintest clue of any of the provisions of the Liquor Act, has gone ahead & complied with a false directive.

Nothing like seeing one who believes they are smarter than you making a public fool of themself. I'll stop laughing in a few months.

There is a wiser head in the station though (probably sitting on a Sgt's shoulders), as by the time the incident gets into the newspaper it is written up as: "Police advised that there may be a safety risk due to overcrowding, and the venue manager voluntarily closed early".

Rubbish! The joint wasn't anywhere near to a capacity crowd. In this jurisdiction there isn't even a fire regulation on the number of people that can be inside a building. You can crowd a pub with people until the walls burst outward, if you wish.

I'll stop laughing in several months time!


KurtP said...

How refreshingly Australian.
Your .GOV is nanny-stating you into where (the formerly) Great Britain is now- But you don't have a Fire Marshall setting an occupancy number.

Steve at the Pub said...

They tried hard in the city of Brisbane Kurt. But it ran into too many obstacles. (Thank heavens)

Individual pubs can have a ratio of guards to patrons put on them as a licence condition. This is usually a result of the premises having an unhappy past record.

Dave from Tacoma said...

Truthfully, that is one dumb cop. If you close the bar then all of those drunks end up on out on the street. In other words, they are now the repsonsibility of the cop that closed the bar. Any cop with more than two working brain cells wants the drunks to stay in the bar as long as possible.

Steve at the Pub said...

Cops aren't capable of thinking that far ahead Dave.
All the cops here want to do is have pubs close as early as possible.
This particular cop is a non-drinker, non-smoker, with a very narrow head (so narrow it looks like a cricket bat)